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What is Instadigi?

Instadigi is an instant community content generation (forum posts generator) script that allows a user to easily populate a forum/discussion board with user generated discussion topics (not bots) in just a few simple steps.

Instadigi installation procedures are extremely simple and striaght forward, simply upload and run the script on any supported forum and start witnessing amazing results. The best part is Instadigi does not require any programming or technical knowledge. Simply upload and run!

Enter Keywords and Submit! Generated Posts Summary Generated Posts
Just type in the keywords, click a button, and posts appear immediately!

Just 3 simple steps - Topics are automatically generated based on user specified keywords. A user can also specify the number of topics to generate at any point in time. The user can ALSO decide which usernames to use when posting!

Why Choose Instadigi?

Why choose Instadigi? Why not hire forum posters to post discussion threads in a forum? How effective is Instadigi compared to the conventional 'pay-per-post' methodology? Here's a comparison table:

FeatureManual PostingInstadigi System
PriceAverage $0.10 per post ($100 for 1000 posts!)$70.00 one time payment
SpeedVery SlowVery Fast
Unlimited PostsNoYes
New Posts EverydaySometimesAlways
Effective postingNoYes
User Accounts CreatedFewAutomatic or User-specified
Unique PostsMost of the timeYes (User can specify duplicate posting)
Help and Tech SupportNoneYes (Lifetime)

In reality, some people have spent thosuands of dollars on 'hired posters' just trying to kick-start a forum. Results are poor and some forums don't even pick up! Why spend so much when you can achieve similar results at a much lower cost?

Below is a list of all Instadigi features:

Instadigi Full Feature List
Instantly Generated Discussion Topics and Posts!
Supports Unlimited Posts (Topics/Replies)
Supports Unlimited Forums
Supports results from multiple languages (English, Spanish, German, etc.)
Automated forum posting using CRON/scheduled tasks server utility
User-friendly GUI interface
Supports various forum systems (PHPBB, VBulletin, PHP-Nuke, SMF, bbPress, MyBB, etc.)
Unique Content! (User can specify if the system can post duplicate content)
User can specify which forums to populate
User can specify which usernames to post with
User can specify the number of topics to post
User can specify the keywords to use or simply use the predefined categories!
User can specify the time interval for posts
User can specify whether the system automatically creates user accounts
User management and maintenance features (delete created users and generated content)
Update validator checks for latest version of the script
Posts are user generated and not by bots (Simulates an actual discussion environment!)
Posts are up to date and new
Supports wide variety of discussion topics (cars, cooking, medicine, etc.)
Summary of posts after generation
No registration fees, only a one time payment
Extremely Fast. Can post thousands of posts per second!
Immediate download upon purchase
Lifetime updates and technical support at NO charge
Easy upload and run. No technical knowledge required!
Secure Access
No alteration of existing forum database needed
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Very impressed with the system, content generation in the begining phase of a forum is a must! - Johncow

A great way to shift and kick start your forum into a active one. - John Chow

A proven system script that quickly and simply adds great content to your forum, i had an increase of traffic as well as members to my forum! Highly recommended! -

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